Create bootable puppy-USB for UEFI machine easy

Format a USB flash drive with default settings (fat32). (or not, its probably okay like it is)

Download the preferred ISO puppy linux file.

Open it - and copy the files to the root of the USB drive.
(actually, you only need these: vmlinuz | initrd.gz | puppy_slacko/tahr_whatever.sfs | zdrv_slacko/tahr_whatever.sfs)

On the USB drive, make a folder called "EFI" and a folder INSIDE called "boot". (EFI/boot)

Download the files bootx64.efi, and grub.cfg.
Copy the file "bootx64.efi" to the USB drive's "EFI/boot" folder.
Copy the file "grub.cfg" to the root of the USB flash drive.

Boot the PC and immediately tap boot key to get into boot-menu.
Boot from the USB flash drive and enjoy Puppy linux :-)

----- oh and ----
If you get the error message "Windows hibernated partition" - press ctrl-alt-del - reboot into windows.
Right click startbutton and choose "Command prompt as administrator (or Windows Powershell(Admin)" and type in:
powercfg -h off
(This turns off hibernation in windows - type "powercfg -h on" to turn it back on)
If u get an error message when trying to boot from USB flash drive - go into bios
and set "Secure boot" to "Disabled" - save / exit.